007/365 Public Garden

It’s the most expensive view in Jakarta. a green open space (Ruang Terbuka Hijau = RTH), a lush public garden in the middle of housing area. Thank God I’m living in the south Jakarta area so I can still see this healthy (yet expensive) view. From 6 area (Kotamadya) in DKI Jakarta Province, South Jakarta …

006/365 Blue Sky High

what a beautiful blue sky and white cloud! God is Great! 🙂 picture taken near my office. and by the way, rain dropped in two hours. XD

005/365 Idea Capturer

This is a good habit I’ve been doing for years. Keeping little notebook on my trousers’ pocket, along with the pen on the other pocket. Everytime I found some ideas, thought, inspiration, learning, everything that are worth while, crossing my mind, I’ll pick my notebook up and write those. In the future, we can elaborate …

004/365 Work Table

This is the picture of my work table in my bedroom. It’s about 40cm in height, I sit on my floor spring bed to working on my laptop. There’s a fan right beside the laptop. Wanna guess what’s it for? 🙂

003/365 Play with Kitten

I played with this cute kitten yesterday while waiting in music studio. Every kittens love to play with rope, so just play rope with kitten! I love cats & kittens, they’re so cute and adorable! ^^

002/365 HSBC

setiap sekitar 1-2 minggu sekali, gw selalu ke Bank HSBC buat setor tunai untuk mengaktifkan Google AdWords untuk marketing usaha hosting provider gw, NeoHoster

001/365 Ignite: Enlighten us, but make it quick

20 slides, 15 seconds each, five minutes in total. dare to present your great idea in 5 minutes? 😀

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